America At Home Study

As news of COVID developed, everyone began sharing predictions and projections about the impact it would have on our society, and no one was asking about what it meant for Americans at home. Three industry leaders, Teri Slavik-Tsyuki of tst ink, Nancy Keenan of Dahlin Group, and Belinda Sward of Strategic Solutions Alliance, conducted a study to find out what consumers want in their homes post COVID-19. The study resulted in eye-opening feedback that was begging to be transformed into an eye-catching infographic. ⁠The calming and cohesive color palette tied together all brands of all parties involved in the project, and broke each finding out into its own space to allow for flexible arrangements. ⁠The result? National media coverage (like Forbes and USA Today), and now the concept home, based on the study, is coming to life this year!


Infographic development + design, brand design, logo design


tst ink




The America at Home Study Concept Home logo represents the culmination of a year long journey to build the perfect post-pandemic home. The words are carefully tucked underneath and protected by the pitched roof, while the heart floating above the chimney symbolizes the outpouring of love at home. A variation of the initial design pays homage to the first concept home’s namesake, a beloved furry friend named Barnaby. Similar to the concept home being influenced by his coloring, Barnaby’s name is the same color as the lovable little guy’s collar.


Eye candy with results.

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