Chappelle Gardens

The Edmonton marketplace is dominated by cluttered builder subdivisions, but Chappelle Gardens dared to be different. We rebranded the community and changed their builder-centric focus to a community lifestyle showcase. This led to a brand new home shopping experience—unlike anything else in the market.


Brand development, experience design, promotional campaign


Chappelle Gardens, Brookfield Residential


Edmonton, Canada


Creating the brand

Chappelle Gardens is a vibrant oasis that stands out from its surroundings. With our rebrand, we foregrounded the place—the energetic life growing here in Chappelle Gardens—in contrast to the area’s featureless subdivisions. For the homeshoppers seeking abundance in a SW Edmonton community, this is the unique place to find it—we’re demonstrating that Chappelle Gardens has more. Layers of joyful colors, authentic lifestyle photography, community snapshots, and watercolor illustrations reflect this rich way of living.


Award-winning Information Center

We helped design a brand new home shopping experience that no one in Edmonton had witnessed before. We created an information center as a central community hub, with builder sales offices directly connected. This Show Home Village is a one-stop shop, making home buying much more convenient for future Chappelle Gardens residents. Shoppers stop in one building, learn about the community, and can reach multiple builders.

Awards of Excellence

The Chappelle Gardens Show Home Village took home the 2019 Awards of Excellence in Housing Best Sales and Information Centre – Single-Family as given by the Canadian Home Builders’ Association, Edmonton Region.

Grand Opening Campaign

In 2018, we created a grand opening promotion to introduce the new home shopping concept to Edmonton, Canada—one that had never been seen in the marketplace before. Challenges included presenting buyers with a concept they hadn’t heard or seen before, and completely changing the community outreach strategy from builder-centric to community-centric.


This campaign resulted in a 300% increase in traffic to the sales offices compared to the previous period.

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