We worked on Estrella for more than a decade, helping to make it Newland’s (the largest developer in the nation) best-selling property and one of the top-50 best-selling master-planned communities in the nation.


Brand campaign, experience design, event coordinating, logo, print collateral, promotional campaign, video + photo direction


Estrella, Newland


Goodyear, Arizona

Community welcome center experience

In Estrella, we created an engaging space for home shoppers to immerse themselves in the community vision and Estrella’s key differentiators. We moved the welcome center from its established lakeside home of 10+ years to the much more accessible front of the community. Now sharing a space with a cafe and bike shop, there was less room to traditionally narrate the community story—but a great opportunity to create a more hospitable and interactive environment.

Lucero Logo

Incorporating a trio of new logos into an established brand can be tricky. We took special care to make sure Lucero's logo collection felt at home within Estrella. Lucero needed to stand alone, as well as stand out as a fresh, modern space within Estrella. Taking visual cues from the desert horizon and the community's architectural guidelines, we designed a set of logos for various uses within Lucero: one to stand alone, one to emphasize its belonging within the greater community of Estrella, and one to represent the new welcome center, nestled in the foothills—Casa Lucero.

Estrella | Lucero Logo
Estrella | Lucero Logo

Estrella | Lucero Estrella Logo
Estrella | Lucero Estrella Logo

Estrella | Casa Lucero Monument
Estrella | Casa Lucero Monument

Estrella | Lucero Logo
Estrella | Lucero Logo


Lucero Grand Opening Event Campaign

In 2019, we created a one-time promotion for the most exciting event to happen in Estrella for ten years—the grand opening of their new village, Lucero. Challenges included: reaching a new buyer group; introducing a new name—Lucero—to Estrella’s ever-growing list of villages (Mountain Ranch, Montecito, and CantaMia); as well as communicating a brand new information center experience. 

This campaign resulted in the BEST lead-generation promotion in the history of the community! We garnered the same number of leads we typically see in a six to 12-month time period in just one month. Plus, click through rates on Facebook were 370% more than the industry average. The event traffic exceeded client expectations!

GLMFest 2019 Marketing

An annual tradition since 2014, Newland sponsors the Goodyear Lakeside Music Fest featuring an impressive lineup of bands playing an all day long festival. Residents, their friends, and future residents alike jam out to their favorite concerts by the lake.


In 2019 we had the opportunity to redesign the logo for the event, branding it more Estrella and bringing in the unique community elements, like the lake, into the design. The all star line-up and new creative drew in a record breaking audience of 4,000+ attendees and 933 RSVPs.

Photos by Matt Young Photography

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