Park Circle

Set in the scenic farmland of Valley Center, Park Circle aims to be a community full of passionate local pride and modern American nostalgia. The community will be ready to open up shop in 2020.


Brand development, event concept + management, logo


Park Circle, Touchstone Communities


Valley Center, California

Park Circle Day Experience

With the community grand opening a year out, we wanted to create an environment that continued to engage Park Circle’s home shoppers. We strategically established Park Circle Day—a series of events featuring local Valley Center institutions that share our community values—where we greeted home shoppers face to face, heard their stories, and showed them that Park Circle cares. We created branded materials—including imprinted family lawn games, coloring pages and custom signage—to kick off our brand lifestyle and continue to live on in the community.


While the brand leans heavily into nostalgic energy, it was important that Park Circle’s logo could stand alone as something inclusive, modern, and creative, while still encompassing wholesome values and the promise of nonstop activities. The wagon was such a perfect solution, we decided to create a version of it in real life. #GetintheWagon became a hashtag that we could both literally and figuratively demonstrate, making it truly and uniquely our own.


Brand Development

We built Park Circle’s brand to project the power of nostalgia. The variety of passions and personalities (dog whisperers, bakers, makers, sunbathers…) that will live here are a mix of the familiar and the unexpected, and they’re all welcome. Metropolitan homebuyers will know that plenty of sophistication—and local San Diego culture—await in Park Circle.


A bright and fresh color palette brings a strong contemporary vibe to a place often mistaken as “country.” Brand imagery runs the full gamut—illustrated iconography, patterns and textures, and vibrant photography create a surprising and colorful environment that begs to be visually explored. Photographs are saturated and crisp with bold pops of brand colors inspired by sunny skies and playful childhood memories. Fun portraits of different buyer groups in everyday environments emphasize the eclectic and inclusive community, paying off our tagline—this wagon fits all.

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