Unscripted Interior Design

After more than three decades of award-winning history as HRI Design, the company principals decided it was time to reinvent their brand and tell the greater story of who they are and where they are going—with a promise to open the door to new ventures. Introducing Unscripted Interior Design—their brand new modernized look illustrates their passion for design and gives them room to go a little off script.


Logo, stationery, website, social media, swag


Unscripted Interior Design


Denver, Colorado and Orange County, California


Identity + Stationery

The Unscripted logo emphasizes the architecture of the letterforms and embraces mid-century modern flair. The customized U and N are encapsulated to create a unique icon that exists both within the wordmark and independently—an icon that emphasizes the “Un” of “Unscripted,” while the interlocking aspect speaks to Unscripted’s motto of “#allthethings” that work together. Bonus: the iconic ambigram also tessellates!


Triple-thick business cards with classy black side seams and twenty different photographic backs help tell Unscripted’s non-conforming, rule breaking, architecture loving, thought provoking, and sophisticated placemaking story. For the ultimate customizable communications package, twenty matching postcards were created as well. On a sustainable note, their letterhead is all digital, designed for self-printing on an as-needed basis.


The new Unscripted website design strategy focused on bringing the new brand to life and optimizing pages for a better user experience. Simple to access and navigate, the website puts the mobile experience first! The navigation is simple, the headlines are bold, and visuals with subtle animations are striking while carefully saved for an easy load time. More sign up opportunities were incorporated to capture even more potential clients.

Social Media

The clean and sleek Unscripted brand is cohesively integrated throughout their social media profiles. Grayscale tones allow the bright colors and bold spaces they design to shine. Playful language and tongue and cheek slang are infused with imagery of swoon-worthy spaces and thought-provoking trends—capturing Unscripted’s cool and modern vibe. Interactive and share-worthy stories and posts are designed to increase engagement, interaction, and showcase #allthethings Unscripted.

To ensure a successful launch, thoughtful teasers were revealed the week before to hint that something new and exciting was coming. Three consecutive images were posted to visually split the old HRI brand from the new, marking the dawn of a new Unscripted era.


Portfolio + Lookbook

Highly customizable layouts were designed for Unscripted's client-facing presentations. As interior designers serving a wide range of industries, flexibility is just as important as a unified look. Spreads created for storytelling, project mood boards, floorplans, photo collages, concepts, and more can all be used interchangeably based on who and what the presentation or lookbook is for.


Swag Box

New brand, new swoon-worthy swag needed! The brand launch included shipping Unscripted’s clients and partners a few of their favorite things. Custom boxes were filled with carefully curated items for the recipient to help them sip, savor, and live a life unscripted. Coveted by all, this memorable touch made the transition from HRI to Unscripted even more awesome. Rockstar employees were treated to custom swag—perfect for stay-at-home work and on-the-go to a new install.